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non-dairy creamer
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      Seiko produced using high-quality raw materials, application and powdered milk, coffee, cereals, condiments and related products, food additives, industrial production well, can effectively improve the nutritional value of products, rich taste of the product.

     Because instant creamer, coordination is good, "a sense of milk strong", in food processing can replace or reduce the use of milk powder, thereby maintaining product quality and stability under the premise, greatly reduce production costs.

     Creamer has good solubility in water, emulsifying agent in water to form a homogeneous liquid milk, improve the internal organization of food, flavor by fat, so delicate taste, lubrication thick, creamy and rich, it is also a coffee products good companion, available for instant cereals, cakes, cookies, etc., so that the cake delicate tissue, maintain lubrication, improve flexibility. Cookies can be used to improve the shortening and difficult to take the oil.
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